ISES Registration Policy

Each event attendee will receive a badge within their event registration package. This badge must be displayed while attending all conference proceedings (panels, breakout sessions and social events).

Included with each International Student Energy Summit 2011 Registration:

  • Event registration package
  • Lunch and Dinner as outlined by the ISES Schedule.
  • 3 nights accommodation (June 8, 9, 10) at the University of British Columbia (Walter Gage or Place Vanier residence)
  • Access to all workshops and keynote presentation.
  • Access to all ISES hosted social events as outlined by ISES Schedule.

Please note, some workshops and sessions have limited capacity and badges will be monitored to ensure attendees are attending the appropriate sessions.


Cancellation Policy

ISES will issue full refund 40% of the registration fee for all written requests received before May 15th, 2011 for the International Student Energy Summit. ISES regrets that refunds will not be considered after this date. If a delegate needs to cancel because of a visa denial this policy does not apply (see International Delegates for this policy) In order to request a refund, please email Prina Pachchigar at ppachchigar@studentenergy.org.


International Delegates

For international delegates coming from overseas, please read this carefully before you register. To make this easier for yourself and for the conference organizers, please ask us for a visa letter by sending an email to Brian Nguyen at bnguyen@studentenergy.org with the following information:

  • Nationality
  • Sex
  • Name as it appears on your passport
  • Where you will be submitting your application if outside of your home country

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you registered before receiving your visa and your application is denied, we will issue a full refund less a $75 administration fee, if a written request is received before June 1st, 2011. Your written request for a refund needs to be accompanied by the official denial notice in order to qualify for the refund; otherwise, the general refund policy will apply. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has a list of offices accepting application forms based on country. We strongly recommend that you look up this information and the details of your application, as we cannot assist in this regard. We can only provide visa letters.


Substitution Policy

Substitutions are allowed when the name of the individual substituting is recorded using the online registration system. Please contact our registration support at registration@studentenergy.org in order to request a substitution.


Code of Conduct
The following must be agreed to by all delegates in order to attend the International Student Energy Summit 2011:


The International Student Energy Summit 2011 (ISES 2011), The UBC Sustainability Initiative (USI), The University of British Columbia (UBC), their officers, directors, employee’s, volunteers, members and representatives (hereafter referred to as "the University") are not responsible for all claims including but are not limited to injury or death, loss or damage of any kind sustained by any person while participating in the International Student Energy Summit, schedule to take place June 8th - 11th, 2011 and all related activities.


The personal information requested on the registration form is collected under the authority of Section 33 of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be protected under Part 2 of that Act. It will be used for the purpose of implementing this registration. The purpose of this code of contact is to outline the acceptable and appropriate types of behavior at ISES 2009 as defined by the Organizing Committee, in order to collectively maintain the integrity, spirit and safety of the event.


All invited attendees of ISES 2011, have the responsibility to act in a manner deemed respectable, safe and appropriate, and as an ambassador of their delegation through the duration of the event, dated June 8-11, 2011.


In this agreement, the term "unacceptable" behavior will be referred to as:


Any behavior that negatively affects the image and reputation of ISES 2011 on any grounds, leading up to, and including, the duration of the event.


Any behavior that involves excessive alcohol consumption to the point where, damage has been incurred on ISES 2011 or other venue property, violence or aggression, or any questionable behavior results, as deemed by the ISES 2011 Organizing committee, as well as University of British Columbia officers, volunteers, and staff.


Any behavior that, to the greatest extent, is contrary to the spirit of ISES 2011 where good faith and professionalism are not exhibited by the ISES 2011 delegate.


Any behavior that is contrary to the rules and regulations set forth by the venue hosts including, the British Columbia Institute of Technology and the University of British Columbia, which may include, but is not limited to, noise issues, damages, and other guest complaints.


Any behavior that is negative or disrespectful toward any party of ISES 2011, including but not limited to, the Organizing Committee, Staff, Sponsors, Security, Volunteers, Speakers and fellow delegates. Any breach of the above covenants, either accidental or intentional, that is deemed unacceptable by the Organizing Committee, and as witnessed by Organizing Committee members, faculty, volunteers or other third parties, may result in, (in no particular order)


Initial warning and reprimand from the Chair of Vice-Chair of the Organizing Committee.


Letter of apology submitted to all parties involved in ISES 2011, or affected by said actions, including but not limited to, corporate sponsors, speakers, delegates, administration, school, or Organizing Committee. Reprimand from the ISES 2011 Organizing Committee and the University of British Columbia.


Personal repayment that may have resulted from any negative or irresponsible actions during the event that are subject to repayment during or after ISES 2011 has concluded.


Complete Dismissal from ISES 2011 (as mandated by the Chairs or the organizing committee), and if serious enough, future ISES events.


The Organizing Committee reserves the right to uphold these repercussions during the competition. The Chair of the Organizing Committee makes the final decision with regard to the type and severity of the consequence subject to any one delegate or its delegation. Once a decision has been made, it will be communicated to the delegate and will be final.


The Organizing Committee will also be collecting credit card information from all delegates and should any ISES 2011 delegate cause damages to any of the venue hosts including, the British Columbia Institute of Technology or the University of British Columbia, which may include, but is not limited to, noise issues, damages, and other guest complaints, you will be financially liable and your credit card will be charged by ISES 2011.


The ISES 2011 Organizing Committee will act as if the delegate has read and understood all rules prior to attending ISES 2011. The duration of this agreement, including its repercussions, applies to the entire event.


The signee will therefore be bound to any occurrences during the competition and may be subject to any repercussions from various actions thereafter the event has concluded.


Student Resume Databank

The Resume Database is a collection of CVs from our international student energy delegate base and participation is completely voluntary. The database is managed by ISES 2011 and resumes will be maintained for a period of one year. ISES 2011 collects the resumes for the purpose of sharing the information with our sponsors and partners. Partners and sponsors are permitted access to the resumes for the purpose of screening and recruitment. If you choose to submit your resume, you consent to ISES 2011 disclosing your personal information contained in the resume to our sponsors and partners only. Partners and sponsors are responsible for limiting their collection, use and disclosure of personal information in accordance with the above noted purpose, however, ISES 2011 assumes no liability for their actions. ISES 2011 will make every reasonable effort to protect your personal information from unauthorized access. If you have any questions regarding the collection, use, disclosure or security of your personal information, please contact Rosie Pidcock, ISES 2011 Chair, rosie@studentenergy.org.


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