ISES 2011 report

Hello all, 

I initially posted this on my blog for people who did not know about ISES or couldn't attend the conference (http://www.like-a-honey-badger.blogspot.com) Thanks again to all the organizers and volunteers for putting this together, it was definitely worth attending! 

-Carolina Chanis


The International Student Energy Summit was held in Vancouver, BC from June 9-11. It occurs every two years so it was the perfect timing since I am living here and also involved in research related to renewable energy. I applied for a bursary and my fees were sponsored by Cenovus. Unfortunately I did not meet representatives from Cenovus at the conference but I am thankful of their sponsorship. Thank You! 

The highlight of the conference was the broad scope of issues that were discussed in the concurrent sessions and also the variety of keynote speakers. I met students in Business, Political Science and Engineering, which is an unusual mix but it shows that the topics were appealing and were also addressed to a general audience of students. This conference also gave students the opportunity to network with people from other countries and with different academic backgrounds. These are the kinds of connections that young people need to build because the best ideas and the best projects occur in team work, and it is a good exercise to communicate the significance of your work with people outside your field of expertise and also try to learn about the role that other experts have into advancing the field of renewable energy. 

I wanted to attend this conference because I do research in ethanol production from agricultural residues so this is something I am passionate about and this is the area where I want to develop my career. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the amount of news and articles that come out every day just in my field, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to catch up with other areas of renewable energy. One of the topics that interested me the most was the generation of heat and power for industrial and residential use. There were some mind blowing moments for me. For example, I never thought much of energy poverty and how essential is that relationship between quality of life and access to electricity. I enjoyed the presentation by Scott Tudman from Energy in Common because he did something I had never seen before, he gave a face to energy poverty. He told the stories of people he knew that spent 30% of their income on inefficient fuels like kerosene and charcoal and how this impacted the development of this communities and their health. Kids cannot study at night because there is no light to read and since there is no electricity, the cooking is done by burning biomass. This is a health problem for children and women because they are constantly inhaling smoke. There was a story about a woman that cooks and sells food for a living but the smoke is hurting her eyes, and she hopes that now that she has a clean stove she can save money to attend a hospital for her eyesight. There are 2.4 million people living under these conditions. 

I have previously attended lectures on sustainability and energy and I hear the typical comment: "the developing world wants our lifestyle and if they get that, the strain that we would put on the planet would be too much. But everyone has the right to clean water and energy, so what do we do, we can't tell them to not develop". What I liked about this speaker is that he is doing something about it, he is providing energy lending services through microfinancing institutions. People will go to an MFI and take a loan to purchase solar lamps and with the money they make from their jobs (which they can do now because they do not have to travel 10 kilometers to charge a phone or to get kerosene) they repay the loan. He gave some numbers too, and it would take about 2 months for someone to pay off the loan and still have some money left for savings. This is an example of how small scale changes can bring a revolution in renewable energy. A theme that resonated throughout the conference is that there is hope in developing countries because they do not have the same problems of aging infrastructure as developed countries. Thus, it may just be that developing countries will adopt green technologies faster because they have a "cleaner slate" to begin with.

Electricity was one of the most interesting themes for me because I do not know enough about the issues of our current system, so I got to learn a lot during this conference. The afternoon session at BCIT was insightful. Hassan Farhangi talked about the problems with the current electric system which is so outdated and inefficient that he quoted that if Thomas Alva Edison came back to life and saw our electric system he would recognize it. One of the problems of raising energy conservation awareness in British Columbia is the fact that electricity is so cheap. Thus, people have no necessity to value energy for what it is really worth. There are several companies that are addressing this issue from several angles. There is the development of smart grids, which can manage end user demand and also facilitate co generation of energy which users can sell back to the grid. On the other hand, the talk by Lisa Coltart, Executive director from BC Hydro, explained that energy conservation is definitely cheaper than implementing new technologies, and they plan to fill the gap of energy supply by educating people about energy conservation. In the session Power to the People, Dr. Dale Griffin talked about what motivates people to make changes and how companies and products should be marketed so that it is easy for people to conserve energy, recycle and adopt environmentally-friendly practices without a hassle. Some of the books that the speakers shared in the Power to the People session were:  Made to Stick  and Nudge 

I'd like to share with you some of the points that Dr. Dale Griffin covered about consumer behavior. Perhaps you should keep this in mind when you are in your quest to educate people about sustainability.  

1-People can't think of everything. There's already so much going on in their lives, so they cannot consciously plan everything and constantly think about how their actions impact the environment.  

2-Only 5-10% of our brain is involved in conscious planning - so you have to make them do things unconsciously (like turning off the light when you leave a room) Immediate benefits are important  

3-Emotions vs computations do not correlate - Dr. Griffin showed an example of a survey in which people were asked to rank how much energy do they think their appliances use. Even though they had an idea of which appliances consumed more energy, they were not aware of how much each appliance consumed. 

4-You have to take things that people care about and put them in their face 

5-Oftentimes money is not an incentive  

6-We are more concerned about how we match up to others - Dr. Griffin showed an example of a street that was marked showing which areas of the neighborhood consumed more energy than others, and within three weeks people started to change just because they did not want to be worse than their neighbour! 

My favorite keynote speaker was David Helliwell, Founder and CEO from Pulse Energy. He gave students advice on how to become an entrepreneur, but his advice could be useful for anyone who is looking to advance his or her career. I liked his explanation of how life experiences and the knowledge we gain can be represented by bricks. If you only have one brick as the base, there will be a moment when you cannot stack the bricks high enough because the column will fall. This is an analogy to say that if you are too specialized and you only know how to do one thing, you will hit the ceiling pretty fast. Instead, have several bricks to lay your foundation and build from there, you can go higher and you have more flexibility in your career decisions.  Some of the tips he shared with the students were:  

1-Build the right team  

2-Find the right market  


4-No problems, only solutions  

5-Stay true to what you are passionate about  

6-It is important to know how to keep your team together and enthusiastic when things go wrong 

The session "The Renewable Leap Forward" started with an overview of climate change on how our dependency on oil is evidently making things worse. Dr. John Macdonald from Day 4 Energy gave a talk about the challenges and potential solutions to our energy problem. The take-home message from his talk was that the important decisions are most likely to happen when demand exceeds supply. We are not sure when are we going to run out of oil, but we will probably see this in our lifetime. What we need is a system that is firm and reliable. Unfortunately, some of the technologies for energy production are intermittent (solar, wind) and we also need to think about solutions at a LOCAL scale. As much as there are technological advances, many of the session speakers highlighted the fact that there must be sufficient incentives in place for investments and there is a lack of policy that is hindering the development of the industry. 

1-John Walker from Fortis BC summarized these issues quite well: 

2-It is hard to encourage energy conservation because it is so cheap 

3-Lack of a national energy policy, policy has to be more robust 

4-Energy is regulated at the provincial level, energy system is not optimized Smart grid and other terms exist but are not well understood.

5-Green energy is a political term. 

6-The ability of governments to put money into projects has been restrained 

7-Politically motivated decisions are short sighted 

I have heard Dr. Ralph Sims speak before and what I like about his talks is that he integrates the HUMANcomponent of the energy issue. WE NEED TO CHANGE THE WAY WE STRUCTURE OUR COMMUNITIES if we are serious about reducing our carbon footprint. This encompasses energy, transporation, design of buildings, city planning, where and how we get our food (and the list goes on). I like Dr. Sims because he is certain that these changes will also make us happier! This gives me hope, because there is something better than the idealized "American dream" that developing countries aspire to have. In this respect, the culture and mindset of developing countries (I speak for my own country, Panama) needs to change; this may be even slower than our adoption of new technologies. I have a couple of ideas of what I want to do after all that I have learned in this conference. First thing on the list is this blog. My goal is to give students a head start in their University life and also write about the issues I am passionate about (maybe I will even convince you to get informed on these issues too!). This is an exciting field with a lot of potential, I hope you can attend ISES 2013 and in the meantime get involved in your campus!

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