The ISES Story ...

It began four years ago, with Mark Blackwell and Sabrina Sullivan’s idea plus initial seed money from Apis Design and the Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy at the University of Calgary, ISES was born and inaugural session held at Calgary in 2009. The vision was to have experts from all over the world come together with the ultimate goal of educating the leaders of tomorrow.

In 2009 I was a Nigerian student at University of Bonn, Germany. I heard of ISES through internet surfing on interesting forums to discuss energy topics. I was there as a European student delegate. I was amazed by the energy displayed by all 300+ participants, especially the management team and event organizers. I was re-energized and overwhelmed, I returned to Germany inspired. Same inspiration propelled me to return to work in Nigeria after studies. Same inspiration propelled me to work with a prominent energy advocacy non-profit in Washington DC. Yes, I am now an Energy Professional. Same inspiration would take me somewhere I don’t even have idea about. Maybe, Energy Minister of my home country? I don’t know. It’s all about fueling the future of energy. You are next!

With the increase of energy scarcity, global development, geopolitical tension, and environmental damage, the energy crisis is the biggest challenge that our modern world faces. By bringing together students from different regions around the world from different academic disciplines, we are setting the platform. Yes, I confirm indeed, it is a platform for multidisciplinary thought creation and global cooperation! ISES 2011 would present the opportunity to let your voice heard; your expertise is in no way going to be too small. I encourage all students to take on this opportunity because energy is essential, it fuels life. Learning never ends, we all learn every day. Let’s meet again to learn and network amongst each other, lets fuel the future of energy together! What would 2011 bring? An evolving ecosystem? Well, we would see. Who are responsible to make it happen? You and me I guess. Remember, we should not view leadership from the narrow sense of the government but in the broader sense of community.

I challenge all us; let’s make ISES 2011 super awesome!

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